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Sep 25, 2011
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(^V^) G'Day!

... now that I have the cliches over, thought I'd introduce myself since I might be around a bit! My name might give away the fact that I am somewhat of a Star Trek fan, in fact I pretend to be the Director of Media for TrekUnited, a once-great fan-site, now reduced to giving unpaid jobs to hacks such as myself!

I spend most of my time writing about fan productions which entails a need to watch fan films, animations & music videos as well as listen to podcasts and audio dramas whilst trying to keep up with the avalanche of fan fiction created daily.

Mission impossible you might say. Well, yes, you're right, but I do have one thing in my favour and that is a four hour commute, to and from work every day.

Cue the eeePC Transformer.

For me it is a media player on steroids - A4 sized screen for videos, pdf's and eBooks, standard jack for headphones - as well as a limited portable office. The keyboard and Tablet combination was the deal-maker for me since I do a lot of writing and I have been told that the screen keyboards are only a convenience and not for serious word-crunching.

So i'll be interested in media options - players, file formats, storage, drawing with a light pen? - and office aps. I am a staunch supporter of open source and on my desktop run Open office which i use for all my publishing needs, but the cost of Android aps is chicken feed to what you pay for bloatware normally so I've no problem supporting professionally made Honeycomb aps.

Looking forward to tapping your experience and adding my own .


Kirok of L'Stok
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