KitKit completely borks Note 3's.


Mar 8, 2014
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I'm also having SEVERE issues with KitKit completely messes up my Note 3's battery life along with Wifi connections being completely unreliable

A long time Note series owner who switched to T-Mobile from ATT last week and got myself a great Note 3 and in my stupidity, I downloaded Kit Kat and its been nothing but issues. I'm seeing who else is having this problem as i'm hearing across the web that lots of people are having problems with Kit Kat in general. But the biggest one is battery life.
Why is the KitKat update eating up nearly half my battery life with ? What have you done to my new Note 3? It's 3 days old! My Note 2 and 1 ran and lasted longer then this!

Yes, i've done the following

1. Cleared partition cache
2. Exchanged phone at the store, twice.
3. Tried with and without A-Data SD card
4. Factory reset and rebuilding after Kit Kat update
5. Forcefully stopping Knox and Lookout from running in background
6. Yanked out battery and reinstalled

Don't even get me started on the WiFi issues, I am not able to maintain wireless stability at my home or work wireless both 2.4ghz and 5ghz are completely all over the place. I've even gone into service mode and disabled Wifi Sleeping entirely and I STILL have wireless connection drops. I am REALLY not happy T-Mobile. I left being a customer of AT&T of over 2 years and wanted to give you a chance with your services and I would really appreciate you owning up to this and get our Note 3's fixed!

Here's what Kit Kat has done to my battery life