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Aug 29, 2011
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Greetings my fellow geeks and geekettes!!!

I am a brother from NYC who now lives in ABQ (that is Albuquerque - I assume NYC needs no intro) and I am a Cricketeer! (Cricketeer is the sole intellectual property of Kaigh aka KrazyKaigh, so if you think it, say it, read it, hear it or laugh at it, PAY ME! Amounts can be discussed later)

Anywho, I have been a computer freak since (and this dates me) 1979! So these handheld computers, that EVEN designers couldn't fully imagine (I mean communicators were more like Nextel stuff! Not nearly a DROID (I hope you read that in the DROID voice, as it should be, ALWAYS!!!)) are the bees knees, baby!! And gettin' in their heads (DROID Heads, not bees Heads) is what I like to do!!!!

I have a Huawei on Cricket (how I became a Cricketeer - I just paid myself) and I have a Droid Pro - given to me by a convert: Droid to iPhone4 type! My co-worker, and elder gent wasn't with all the open-source that Android offers. And granted being older, dealing with open source stuff gets, well, old! So, he decided to join the controlled-collective, and got himself an iPhone. Despite how I say this, I think it was a good move. Elders on Open Source just doesn't work well.

So, I have a Moto Droid Pro and I am gonna get it to work on the Cricket net. How? I don't know. I am here to find out!!!!


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