lag on lg g4 vs samsung galaxy s6


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Nov 24, 2012
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So I have an LG G4
I have a 128 gig memory card (the memory card is lexar high performance)

It is a decent phone
But...the Lag--sometimes when listening to a podcast then switching to main screen there is a big time lag issue.

I changed out keyboard to google standard
I switched to the nova prime launcher
but I'm still concerned

I picked up a galaxy s6 on sale at B and H, an international version with all the right T mobile LTE bands for only $600 (its a 128 gig unit!) but I have yet to play with it much...

In user experience, does the galaxy s6 have the same lag issues? or does it seem more clean than the LG g4?

Probably will return s6 and get a galaxy 5 note...maybe...but I just don't know. The lag on the g4 is really annoying!

would a different microsd card make any difference? The advantage of the new samsung phones--at least one--is that the built in memory is suppose to be faster than any microsd theory.

Ryan Wallace

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Feb 8, 2013
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Like I always tell people, lag will depend on your setup and the kinds of apps you use, no matter which phone you use. I personally have had no performance issues with my S6 and I've had it for nearly four months. The only way to get a straight answer to your question is to try the S6 for yourself using the same apps you use on your G4. Lag can be caused by SD cards, but usually that is if data is actively been transfered to or from it while the device is performing other tasks. However, the UFS 2.0 storage is faster than any SD card so keep that in mind as well.

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Nov 27, 2012
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Go to the system settings.
Find the "Developer options" item in the list and tap it.
Find the "Window animation scale" item in the list and tap it.
Set it to "Animation scale .5x".
Now tap on "Transition animation scale".
Set it to "Animation scale .5x".

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