Language problem : only English is available on Asian version of ROM > Need to flash ?


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Feb 28, 2014
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Hello everyone, :)

I bought my Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014) SM-P605 in Hong Kong. Great product ! But the languages available on the device are only English and Chinese. :-\

I've been trying to solve this problem alone for a few days and read all I could on forums, so I'm thinking of flashing the device with Odin and install the french version ROM (P605XXUBMJ9_P605OXXBMJ2_XEF) firmware to get french language by default. But a course I'm a little afaid right now. :eek: It's my first time with Android !
Has some of you installed a french ROM on a recent Asian hardware and can confirm it works fine ?
Is there another way to change the CSC without flashing the firmware or rooting the device ?

I think it should be OK but still, 5 questions torment me. If someone has answers, I'll be really thankful ! :D :D :D

1) Does the 4G works fine after flashing ? Does the modem driver of the XEF ROM ( ) is 100% compatible with my hardware purchased in Asia? How can I be sure? FYI my operator is Bouygues Telecom France.
2) How is it going after for updates ? Will I need to reflash everytime to update the tablet or the OTA update will still work normally ?
3) What about the flash counter ? I realized that the Knox counter would not be affected if I install an official version, you confirm ? But will the flash counter be affected even if it's a official ROM that I install ? And will it also cancel my warranty ? What impact will this flash have exactly on the device ?
4) Is it certain that my CSC will change for sure to French with a flash of my device for the P605XXUBMJ9_P605OXXBMJ2_XEF firmware ? Or is there a chance it won't change anyway ?
5) Last but not least, small detail I need to understand before I flash : what is that strange file " SS_DL.dll " which was in the zip package of the official rom for my tablet I downloaded SamMobile ? What should I do with it ? It must be loaded in Odin or elsewhere before flashing or should I just ignore it ?

Thank you in advance for your feedback. Sorry if those questions seem stupid to you...
And please should I be warned about other potential important problem not mentioned above before flashing ?
Of course I'll take my responsability but If you think of something else, please let me know...

Anyway, here is the descreption of my device. Thanx for your help ! :D
Samsung Note 10.1 2014 P605 (32G - LTE) CSC : P605OLBBMJ2 (*#1234#)
Base Band (CP) : P605XXUBMJ4 - Kernel 3.4.0-1750146 - Build number JSS15J.P605XXUBMJ9 (AP) - Version Android : 4.3