Latest update causes device-crippling Game Tuner CATASTROPHE on my Galaxy Tab S3! Samsung will NOT g


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Mar 2, 2017
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Edit: title got cut off due to being too long

The story with me and Game Tuner started back in July 2017, shortly after I purchased my tablet. I had to sideload it since it didn't show up in the play store, and it fixed all issues I had with some games running in fuzzy resolutions (especially Real Racing 3). I never updated the app ("if it ain't broke, don't fix it" approach...) and it has been working fine (v3.0.14) until the latest "security" update that I installed today...

First off, the reason I am so upset about the issue I am about to explain is that I set almost ALL of my apps as games in order to ensure best performance and resolution... After the update, I noticed that Nova Launcher looked fuzzy and app names were missing or half shown. I immediately recognized this as being a symptom of having the resolution set to the "default" 75%. I fire up Game Tuner only to be greeted by it just getting stuck "connecting" to the game optimization service. I then proceed to update to the latest 3.4 version of Game Tuner, which loaded fine... But here is where the real shenanigans that Samsung did come to light: they removed all features I relied on, including the deal-breaking global profiles and other stuff! The new app looks like a gingerbread-era low-quality app instead of the 3.3 and older versions' premium modern feature rich material design interface. The lack of profile support basically ended me up with being faced with the prospect of MANUALLY CONFIGURING SETTINGS FOR 178 APPS!!! Now this would've been kinda doable if it wasn't for the fact that on each app, before I set the performance level, it makes me do some captcha-like thing where I have to type "performance" and "heat". This may be to block off access to idiots, bit I find this rediculous (I am a highly experienced tech nerd). With my wacky school schedule, I have limited amounts of precious free time and no time to manually do all this crap to get get all my apps using 100% resolution ( instead of 75%) along with forcing max performance!

Is there a way around this, maybe to get the 3.3 or older versions running or some other way to force all apps to max resolution and performance? I really didn't expect this kind of crappy software update messup after paying an absolutely crazy sum of money ($1050) for a top of the line iPad "killer" (the only reason I didn't get an iPad is that I hate iOS and I generally like Samsung tablets). This kinda reminds of the time when I caught Samsung deliberately slowing downy Galaxy Tab 2 to 646MHz, and the only fix for that was CyanogenMod... Samsung will not get away this time... I am not voiding the warranty on a tablet that is over 4x more expensive than my previous one was when it was new.

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