Leaving my Nexus for a Note 2/3?


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Dec 1, 2010
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One of the reasons I like and still use my VZW Nexus, is because of it's amazing developer support and openness. I don't flash all the time, but is something that I enjoy and I like running stock Android.

It doesn't look like Verizon will get another Nexus anytime soon, I was hoping that the new Moto X would have an unlockable bootloader and be running stock android with at least 32 GB internal storage, but it looks like that may not happen for awhile, if at all.

I don't really want to get a Droid phone because it'll most likely be replaced in 6 months anyway, and developer support may not be very strong if the bootloader is locked and encrypted.

As of now, my only logical choice would be to get a Note 2 or 3.
1. Samsung only releases 1 per year and should still support the Note 2 or 3 after 2 years.
2. It has top of the line specs
3. Better display and larger screen (a big plus for me)

I like the look of the Moto X and my GNEX with onscreen buttons and the shape of the phone, developer support etc, but everything else would tell me to get the Note 2 or 3.

Question: How many people here are former GNEX users that are now using a Note 2?
Have you been satisfied with the developer support for this phone compared to other phones?

A few years ago, skins really seemed to slow a phone down, but now I am getting more convinced that the hardware can handle them. Unwanted apps can also be hidden. With that being said, is it realistic that Samsung's bootloaders will continue to be able to be unlocked so that if I wanted a pure AOSP experience without Touchwiz, I could have it?

If the Nexus 5 were released to Verizon, would anyone consider giving up the Note 2/3 for another Nexus?


Mar 2, 2011
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I had a Verizon Nexus the day it was released, then switched to Verizon Note 2 the day it was released. Haven't regretted it once.

Reasons to get the Note 2: huge screen, battery lasts forever, S-pen. If those aren't top of your list, there's probably better options out or about to release - S4, HTC One, Moto X.

I thought I might miss stock, but the battery won me over - it lasts 4x what the nexus ever did, easily all day every day for me.

Can be unlocked and rooted currently. There are several Touchwiz ROMs and several AOSP ROMs available, though not as many as for Nexus, see XDA. It is not clear that any future device on Verizon will be unlockable (except developer editions), they try to close the current exploits with every new software release.


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Aug 21, 2010
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I too came from the Nexus, bought it day one.
It was a great device after I started installing ROMs. Once Sourcery got involved I never left it.
I bought the Note 2 the day it came out. After setting it up and going back to the Nexus to make sure I had everything the same, the Nexus felt like a child's toy.
Carbon and Liquid remind me of Sourcery, but aosp ROMs on the Note 2 have too many issues for me. The low volume, no BT voice dialing, the phone keypad doesn't register with Verizon's voicemail as I couldn't save or delete voicemails.
The TW ROMs have been great. Beans and Goodness are my favorites but there are many.

I rarely use the spen and that was not a selling point for me. I bought it for the large screen.
The multiview is a gimmick in my opinion, but I use it when I pay bills so I can have the bank open on one side and excel on the other.

I also run sar on mine and I have never seen the 4 cores pegged.
The Note 2 is by far my favorite of all the mobile devices I've ever owned.


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Mar 22, 2011
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I also came from the Gnex to the note II and Have not regretted it one bit.
Screen size; once you get use to the size, everything else looks small.
Battery life; This blows the Gnex out of the water, it is a night and day difference
S pen; love it, I use it more then i ever thought i would.....it is really handy

When it come to ROMS;
There are enough out there to satisfy a flashing addiction. (AOSP and Touchwiz)

My biggest gripe with the note II is the lack of soft keys. I just do not like the big home button and hard keys.
That being said, this is still hands down my favorite phone i have ever owned.

Good Luck with your choice


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Dec 1, 2010
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Thanks for your willingness to share your opinions. If i had a chance to get a new VZW Nexus, that would be my first choice, but I doubt that is happening.

It was really enjoyable coming from a Droid X with locked bootloader and limited development to a truly open device.

With that said, I still have a little hope that the VZW Moto X Developer edition could be a reasonable alternative. However, I'm not a developer, but just someone that enjoys tinkering with my phone. Still, I like the look of the hardware, on screen buttons, curved glass. If it came with 32 GB internal storage, I would really think long and hard.

Still, I have to wonder if it will truly have a much stronger developer community when it comes to updates and support. The majority of users, after all, will not have the developer edition of the Moto X, so the majority of users on AT&T and Verizon will still be locked down. As was said previously, Verizon (and perhaps AT&T) may make it tougher in the future to root and mod phones.

So, the Note 2 and upcoming Note 3 are very viable alternatives. I use my phone as a wireless internet device first, so, if I'm stuck with a locked bootloader and limited modding possibilities, I may as well have a big screen, bright display, top of the line specs, and an S Pen.

After all, I don't think it's a stretch to consider that, just as the VZW GNEX is a unique device for it's openess and form factor, the Galaxy Note is equally unique when compared to other devices on Big Red.

If I can't have a new Verizon Nexus, why settle for any top of the line smartphone (Droid Maxx, HTC One, GS4, LG, etc) when I can get a top of the line smartphone that can do so much more? I remember when VZW Note users were even saying that the radios in the phone were very strong and among the stongest of any Verizon phone, better even, than the GS4. Considering, how much I love my GNEX, it isn't because of the battery life and radios!!

If the Note 2 and Note 3 truly have radios and battery life that is on par with any Moto device, I may be going with a Sammy device for another couple years.

As of now, my top 4 choices for my next VZW upgrade are: (preference given to #1 but really in no particular order for 2, 3, and 4)

1. The latest Nexus 5 on VZW.
2. The Moto X Developer Edition with 32 GB storage
3. The Note 3 (only because I have upgrades to burn and feel comfortable in using the loopholes to keep Unlimited Data)
4. The Note 2 bought off contract for around $400.

I also have to say, as an outside observer, you Note 2 users seem to be very devoted to this phone. It must be comforting, and I am being serious, to look at all the new devices on VZW and truly feel contented, "Yup, looks like a nice phone, but still isn't a Note 2."

If I had to guess the majority of what you guys will upgrade to, I bet many would say a Note 3, or Note 4.

My plans are simple: My GNEX still works great and I don't mid waiting. In my mind, the ideal time to try something new would be mid to late November, since VZW has, in the past, extended the normal 14 day Worry Free Guarantee Exchange period for the benefit of holiday shoppers.

It would be cool to test drive a new Note 3 or perhaps even a non-developer Moto X, from mid to late November to early January. I could easily justify the $35 restocking fee, since 14 days is too short IMO to evaluate a phone.

Still, as awesome as I know the Note 2 is and the Note 3 will be, please pray for my benefit that the new Nexus 5 will be heading to Big Red imminently. I've got to believe....LOL