Lenovo phab plus bought from China and not supporting google app store, google services Google Map


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Feb 21, 2016
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Dear All,
I bought Lenovo pha plus ( ROM versionis PB1-770N_S000101_160701_PRC ). It has only LenovoStore (in Chinese) to download the apps which really sucks Smiley Sad. It dont have pre-installed any google app. I badly need these google apps because without google maps the mobile is really useless. I have been tried these methods already:

1. Cleared cache in google app store etc and restart mobile.
2. Tried different versions of google app store and google play services.
3. Tried gapps also

Note: For some reason i dont want to root the mobile because firstly i am noob, secondly on the root mobiles our office attendance app dont work.