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Feb 3, 2011
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When I got my D3, I decided to test out the preloaded game Let's Golf 2 from Gameloft. I instantly fell in love with after playing it for 2 minutes and forked over 4.99 to unlock the full version of the game. With me being addicted to online gaming, I fired up an online multiplayer game as soon as I unlocked the full version. My first opponent was at level 25, and I was at level 1 (lucky me lol). The first half of the holes I got my *** handed to me as I was still learning the nuances of the game. Then, I started to catch on and I was finishing holes under par. My opponent started playing poorly, and on hole got stuck in a bunker and was 4 shots over par when he decided that he would rather resort to unfair tactics rather than lose fair and square. As the game has no time limit on how long it takes for a person to make a swing, he simply didn't make a swing, apparently to force me to quit. I waited on the guy to swing for 48 minutes and then I decided that I had enough and ended the game to conserve my limited data.

I was immediately turned off and I didn't play the game online for weeks.

A day ago, I had leveled two of my characters up to level 25 and decided to play online again. This time my opponent, having had chose a bad putter, got into a long putt situation. He decided that it wasn't worth playing and rather than politely quit, he would rather try to strongarm a win out of the game using that same unfair tactic that the other guy used.

I had had enough so I sounded of on Gameloft's forum. I was wondering would there be an update for Let's Golf 2 on the D3 that would allow the option to play timed strokes in online multiplayer games and I was worried that the D3 wouldn't get an update because it's "not (officially) supported." The moderator said that they had told about my concerns to the development team.

It's a shame that they didn't pre-address this issue when they want people to pay five dollars for the game.

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Oct 20, 2011
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In the amount of time it took you to write that message you could have earned $5. Not to mention the forty eight minutes you spent "playing" a golf game.

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