LG D850 Black Screen After Logo At Boot. Can It Be Fixed?


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Jun 2, 2017
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What might help diagnose the problem:

- Phone crash with small log addressing "Kernel failure"
- Text on corner of screen during boot attempt that reads "Boot verification fail"
- Phone detected as "qualcomm hs-usb qdloader 9008 (com3)" in device manager
- Led flashing/alternating blue and red on certain boot attempts
- No led when plugged-in to a charger, as well as no battery charge info screen
- Hard factory reset option does nothing (after LG logo screen turns off rather than.. idk, triggering the reseting process? lol)
- Can't access download mode completely (screen turns off rather than showing firware update screen)
- Can't boot in safemode

Short Story/More Detail:

So one moment I'm browsing the web on my phone (LG G3 AT&T) and the next moment my phone screen goes black and shows small white text in the fashion comparable to Windows' command prompt.

It said something along the lines of
~Kernel crash, or ~Kernal Fail.

It only showed for about a second so I didn't get a good look at all it said, but it wasn't much text; about 3-4 lines of text with up to ~4 words per line. Anyways after that my phone turned off and I got spooked. Even more so when I tried to turn it back on.

When It turns on, it shows the expected LG logo at the center, the Life's Good text directly under, and the powered by android text at the bottom of the screen. No animations by the way, It's just the basic static image. It shows that first image for a few seconds as if it were booting and then the phone screen turns off. So then I try to hold the power button to turn the phone on again because I assumed the phone had shut down again but the phone isn't off, otherwise I'd at least see that LG logo again from starting the phone up but nope, it's just completely unresponsive after the logo goes away and the screen turns off.

I have tried a few things for about 8 hours and unfortunately to no avail thus this cry for help haha :p

Perhaps perhaps you have a good suggestion, I appreciate all help! :)