LG G2 Mini - back camera not working. What can I do to fix it?


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Sep 2, 2015
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LG G2 Mini - back camera not working

Today, suddenly, the main back camera on my LG G2 mini stopped working. I have lollipop 5.0.2. ofi unrooted. I have no idea what happened. Last time I used my cam it was about 10 days ago. Today, as I unlocked the display in the evening, I noticed a system update window to blink and dissapear, than I wanted take a picture with my back camera and it is no longer working.

If I start the default cam app, image is black and buttons, howevwr working, have 10 seconds lag delay. If I try any other cam app, it crashes.

I digged deeper, tried factory reset multiple time and ended up doing AAT 3.1 MiniOS Main Cam test which stucks with no image, switching to camera recovery waiting message after 6 seconds. Front cam works all OK.

I feel this is no longer software issue and I would probably need to RMA the phone.

I thought about revert to 4.4.2 kitkat but I would loose warranty...

Guys, do you have such experience? Can it be that LG or Google released some partial update which screwed my cam? I don't want to return that phone, it will take a month untill back again, if working. Revert to 4.4.2 is not a good option, I can find the issue still presented with no chance for free service.

Thanks for any tips...
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