LG G2 Stuck On Logo - Bricked? Can't access TWRP maybe...

Jasveer Pillay

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Oct 19, 2015
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If this is too long, you can skim through it if you want, but please consider replying :)

Hi everyone please help me (any advice at all), I'm new to flashing and about 15 years old so forgive me if I don't understand everything. I initially flashed the Cloudyg2 3.3 ROM and everything was perfect, I did it through TWRP, I then thought I should give CM12.1 a try.

I wiped everything other than internal storage, and then I flashed the Gapps zip as well as the latest snapshot of CM12.1 for the d802 which is my build. The Gapps was successful but the CM failed...and then I stupidly clicked that huge button beneath the failure message saying reboot to system.

The G2 is stuck on a static logo screen. I don't know how to get to twrp and restore my backup. If I hold down the power button for about 5 seconds the screen will go black and if I release the power button after those 5 seconds the screen will immediately come back on again. If I hold it down for about 10 seconds when its showing the logo ( 5 seconds while its on logo and another 5 while the screen is black) then it seems like the phone is off. There's no menu or anything that pops up during this entire process. Then if I hold down the power button until the logo appears and then immediately press power and volume down nothing happens and no menu about factory reset pops up...essentially all I want to do is go back into recovery. But even if I can get back to a totally wiped phone I'd be really grateful because exams are going to start soon and I need my phone to communicate regarding assignments and marks etc.

Thanks in advance :)

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