Lg g2 WIND (D803/D801) Paranoid Android Flash Problems.


Mar 5, 2014
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Alright so I have an Lg G2 from wind Mobile D801 BUT D803 roms work for this variant and want to flash a Paranoid Android Rom from here


I have root and TWRP v2.6.3.2. I know this isn't the most up to date TWRP for my variant but TWRP (most up to date) won't flash and fails.
TWRP link-- [DISCONTINUED][Recovery] TWRP (Loki/usb-otg/exfat) - xda-developers
I believe the problem Paranoid Android wont flash properly is because I dont have the latest TWRP but I'm not sure.
Can anybody help me?
any help would be appreciated.