LG G3 compatible with Samsung Multimedia dock?


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Dec 11, 2014
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I'm switching from a Samsung Note2 to an LG G3. One of the accessories I got for my Note2 was the Samsung Multimedia Dock (EDD-S20JWE). (This dock is amazing - you can project your smartphone onto your TV!) Except for one devious (minor hardware) change Samsung made to the female port on the Notes to plug into this dock, which has a matching male micro usb alteration, does anyone have experience or know if all Androids use the same pinouts - so if i undo this minor usb plug alteration on the dock it will let my G3 plug into it - and I will be able to use my G3 with the Samsung dock? If so I will make this minor hardware alteration so i can view my G3 on TV! Thanks (for any references so I can figure this out!)