LG G3 D855 reboots (sometimes with blue screen) when updating

Mark de Wet

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Jul 2, 2015
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Hi all,
OK, firstly sorry if this has been answered before but I have not found a similar issue on the web, so I'm trying here. Secondly apologies for the long post but I want to provide as much detail as possible.
So, I have a LG D855, with QuickCricle Case, not rooted, stock ROM that was constantly rebooting and showing blue screen. So I did the following:
1: factory reset, using the power and volume down keys. All good so far, no issues such as no reboots no blue screen. Ran through the whole set up process with no issues at all.
2: Plugged into PC, connected to LG PC Suite and updated to 6.0 MM. No issues.
3: Used it for a day or two then installed my Smart Launcher from Play Store, no issues
4: Installed my ESET Anti-virus from Play Store, no issues
5: Installed No-Root Firewall from Play Store, no issues
6: Installed Google Maps update from Play Store, reboot, blue screen. After leaving it for a while with battery out, booted up fine, no issues for the rest of the day.
7: Installed Google+ Update from Play Store, same effect, reboot but no blue screen. Left for a while then booted back up ,no further issues for the rest of the day.
8: Installed update to Chrome, reboot with blue screen while still busy installing the Chrome update. Took battery out, left it for a while then booted back up, no further issues, but did a factory reset again as I was worried that Chrome may not have installed properly.
9: Ran set up process after reset, no issues at all.
10: Installed McAfee Security update from LG update manager, no issues.
11: Installed Google App update from Play Store, reboot with blue screen.

This is where I currently am as of right now. The phone is functioning 100%, making calls, using WhatsApp, getting emails, it NEVER gets too hot and did not ever get warm while doing the set up after reboot of during any of the updates. Battery is still good as far as I can tell, I have watched movies on the phone with no issue and I do not play games on the phone.
Has anyone experienced something similar and if so, what could be the issue? To me it kind of looks like something to do with Play Store updates but that's just my observation. Its an amazing phone so ANY assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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