LG G3 Lag screen freeze

phillip smith3

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Jan 14, 2017
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I am having a similar problem to someone else... shown below.

It has not been rooted. What I have recently started experiencing is while typing a text message or even while scrolling on FB, or the web, or just on the home screen the screen just stops responding to my touches. The cursor still flashes but the screen does not recognize my touches. I hit the lock screen button and it takes a couple second for it to lock and the screen to go off. I wait about 10 seconds then hit the button again to wake the screen and the power off options come up. I don't hit the button hard, normal pressure and I don't hold it any longer than usual; a quick hit. I have one of two things happen at this point. Either I click on the outside screen and nothing happens; the screen fades and then shuts off like I have done nothing. Or I click on the outside screen and I can then swipe the screen to bring up my phone again. I have booted into safe mode and the same thing happens. I have turned off background apps and anything extra I can think off and lowered my screen brightness as low as it would go. I don't believe it is related to an app as safe mode still has the same problem. Could it be the processor? Or the digitizer?

I have done a factory reset and that did not help. So i thought it could be the firmware.
I have now rooted it and am now using cloudyg3 ROM.
Still has the same problem.
Does anyone have any suggestions before this phones goes in the bin.
I was also having a problem with the sd card unmounting and remounting alot. However I have not tried the sd card since the phone has been rooted and the ROM changed.


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Nov 25, 2010
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I also have a LG G3 and also LG G4. There has been well documented hardware issues/failures with the G4. I have had similar issues of my display/screen not responding to touches and yes I too have had to lock the phone, unlock it and play around a bit to get it to respond. I'm not rooted, have done a factory reset or two over time and no change, so I'm betting its a hardware issue/failure. Not sure if its digitizer related or motherboard and/or processor.

I have actually had no problems with the sdcard but about 2 months ago WiFi seems to have stopped working. I was able a few times to fix it by unmounting and remounting the SIM card but that only worked a few times. Now WiFi no longer turns on so again, I think hardware problems are starting to creep up.

I will soon be retiring my G3 & G4 and not too concerned at this point.

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