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Lg G4, Not getting past boot screen.


AC Question

So, I was using my new-ish LG G4 (4 months old) and it was running somewhat sluggishly. I clicked on the YouTube app, and the phone completely locked up. I held the power button, nothing happened. So I removed the battery, now it doesn't get past the LG boot screen. After a few minutes it'll turn off again, then to get the boot screen up again, I'll have to remove the battery again. I can not get into the recovery screen.
Any help would be much appreciated to avoid going within 500m of a Telstra store. Thanks!


New member
Aug 4, 2016
Hello there!
I am having the same problem, I just turned on the wifi and it turned off automatically, now every time I try to turn in on it doesn't go further than the initial LG screen and it goes black again, how can I solve this?
Did you find any solution in the end?
Many thanks!