LG G4 some files don't appear when I connect the phone to laptop

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Oct 27, 2018
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Hi guys. I need some help. I have an LG G4 and it's been a couple of weeks since this started happening. I have no SD card so all my files are saved in the internal memory. I connect the phone to the laptop just fine. I can see my photos in the Camera folder etc.

BUT, I can no longer see the Instagram folder. It is supposed to be in the Pictures folder but it's gone. I can see it on my phone (I have pictures in the Instagram folder on my phone) but not when I connect it to the laptop. I also can't see the Instagram videos in the Movies folder. It is also gone. Plus, in the Downloads folder, I can see the pictures but I also have some songs in there. Well, I can't see them when connected to the laptop.

So to sum it up, some folders and files don't appear while others do. I have no hidden/locked content. They just vanished... I can see them on my phone but if I wanna save them to my laptop it's impossible coz I can't see them.

Any ideas why this is happening and how to fix it?


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Feb 12, 2012
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If the Instagram app is the only user that has read access to the folder, the Instagram app will show the pictures in it, but nothing else can. That's probably what happened - they had an update do a Linux chmod command on the folder, changing permissions on it.

About the only way around that is to share the pictures to something the laptop can access or root the phone (root has access to everything).

It's common in Linux (which is the operating system Android is running in - a file or folder can have read, write and execute permissions granted to the owner, the group of which the owner is a member, or everyone. Instagram can see it but the laptop can't? "See" is read permission. So either Instagram of the group to which Instagram belongs (and I think the concept of group in Android is pretty much unused) is the only one with read access.

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