LG G5 initial negative impressions


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Dec 6, 2011
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There are new and 'different' features on the LG G5. People are naturally resistant to change.
The GS7 has been lauded here because it 'a natural evolution' from the GS6. (translation: nothing fundamentally different)
I admit that a smaller screen is a slight problem for me. 'always on' doesn't JUMP out for me.
However, the modular battery does.
Taking the back off to change the battery seems awkward to me. Especially when in the car or out and about. Sliding the battery out is a vast improvement.
Give the innovative G5 a chance before condemning it.

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Jul 14, 2011
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Funny you should mention the modular battery... AC has a little take on things, fresh off the press.
The LG G5's modules are a neat idea, but they won't matter | Android Central

Having used (and not being wow'd by) the G4, I have to admit I saw some 'gimmicks' coming to the G5 that I found intriguing. Changing the buttons to the sides, for ME, was good (I just hated the buttons on the back and made my fingers hurt after a couple days). The modular swappable thingies aren't a novel idea and it's failed before (granted, not necessarily on smartphones) but at least it's a step towards the Ara project... just don't feel they did it quite right. Time will tell.

I expect the camera to surpass the G4's, and that is saying something. That was a thumpin' good camera! Where I feel they got greedy and fell through was announcing it hours before Samsung's monster, only to confirm that pre-orders for the G5 would come more than a week after the GS7/S7Edge has already hit the streets and a month after Sammy's pre-orders went live.