LG G5 or Samsung Galaxy S7 - Which stole the show at MWC for you?

Which device was your favorite at MWC?

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Sep 4, 2013
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So, now that the dynamic duo have been announced from the 2 Korean manufacturers, the LG G5 and the Samsung Galaxy S7, which one stole the show for you?

Personally, it's the Galaxy S7. While it retains a similar design to the S6, it has received a significant hardware upgrade, especially the much bigger battery (even more so on the now-larger Edge), the return of expandable storage, improved camera that turns convention on its head, new features for the Edge, even faster charging, new features, a more comfortable design, etc.

The LG G5 was arguably the more innovative and radical device of the 2, sporting a dual-lens rear camera for normal or wide-angle photos, some new "Friends" features and a modular design that allows for a removable battery even with a metal unibody design and also gives extra options for accessories. However, I feel that while those are awesome and a crowd-pleaser, I don't think they actually improved the core functionality of the device. I mean, it has improved a bit, just not as much as I had hoped. It's software also saw some regressions, like the removal of an app drawer, more use of the color white in many parts of the UI and the removal of dual window and QSlide (which was a major deal breaker for me)

The Galaxy S7 isn't like the G5 in the sense that it's not a radical change. But then, it shouldn't be since Samsung already had theirs with the S6. The S7 is all about the internals and improving on what plagued the S6. The battery got a significant bump, microSD makes its return, the camera got better with a radical change and lots of other goodies. Even though it's not as radical as the G5, I feel that Samsung improved the core functionality of the phone, and that's why I think it stole the show for me.

In simpler terms, LG made the superior geek gadget that impresses a lot of people. Samsung made the superior phone that improved on what a phone should do. In the end, they're both phones and I personally think that in that regard, Samsung nailed it.


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May 23, 2010
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I'm torn. There's much to like about both devices. However, I feel that LG made it more about the Friends devices rather than the G5 itself. I'm going to wait and see what the reviews say to make a final judgment, but my initial impression, is that the S7 is a better device all around.

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Oct 16, 2015
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LG is one of the few manufacturers who are actually doing something new. People wanted to keep the removable batteries, and their card slot, and they wanted a metal unibody. LG delivered. LG did what no one else has actually done, they buildt a phone with a more premium body, and kept the removable battery. They swooped in and usurped the start of the "modular cell phone" thing that people have been excited about for years. They slimmed down their UI, because people wanted it. And all they get is "yeah, but Samsung...".

About the "no app drawer" - Google itself is moving in that direction. And I cannot for the life of me understand how anyone can use LG's UI against them, and then turn around and say that Samsung is superior, without giving Samsung flack about the atrocity that is Touchwiz.

While I can agree with the people who say that LG maybe should have launched this device as something other than the G-series, that doesn't take away from what they have actually done here. They did something new, they did precisely the thing that no one else dared to, they took a chance. I have nothing against Samsung per se, their design and style doesn't appeal to me. And it's turning into the iPhone of the Android community, and it's really starting to get to me that pretty much no other manufacturer is getting as much as a pat on the shoulder about the work they're doing. Samsung released essentially the same phone as last year, yeah, the insides are different, but the insides are the same as other flagships. They brought back SD card? Well, why were they removed in the first place? And several brands never removed them at all. Does anyone care? Of course not, because it's not Samsung. The battery? Sony has great batteries, they've had them at least sinze the Z3, does anyone gush about it? Nope. When other brands have tried to do what Samsung did this year, they have gotten shunned.

There are lots of great brands that are doing great things, but that "yeah, but Samsung..." thing is just always there. I'll probably get flamed for this, for insulting the emperor or whatever, but damn. I might just switch to iPhone right now and be done with it, we're moving towards a monopoly in the Android world anyway.
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Mar 13, 2015
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I tried the LG V10 and I just didn't like the phone! The setting were disorganized and confusing! And I had major problems with downloads! ..NOW! Viewing the new LG 5, I find the phone to have unique and interesting features but the best feature is the sound system LG has added...A high end company B&O! Wow! Outstanding sound quality!...If I decided to go with the LG 5 this would be the reason (sound system)...Overview I just don't like LG'S format!

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