LG G6 mobile reception


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Jul 25, 2018
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Although I have owned an LG G6 for quite a while, I only recently started using it instead of an LG Q6 I initially bought to use overseas. The transfer was seamless but I noticed that the indicated signal strength on the G6 was always poor at home, although I am also aware that the indicated signal strength doesn't mean much. When I made a call on the G6, there was no change in the indicated signal and the call quality was poor and cut out. I put the same sim back in my Q6 and it showed the same low signal but as soon as I made a call on the Q6, the indicated strength increased from one bar to 4-5 bars and the call was clear and did not cut out.

Firstly, is it common for there to be some sort of signal boost when a call is made which would account for the increase in signal on my Q6 when a call is made? Secondly why would this not happen on a higher spec G6? Lastly, any suggestions what the problem may be?

BTW I am in Australia, my mobile provider is Boost who use the Telstra 4G network. The Q6 runs on android 7.1 and the G6 on android 8, both phones are in plastic flip cases and neither is rooted.