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LG G6 Screen Lock Pattern After Syncing a New Phone with the Google Account

Arash Rahimi

New member
Aug 12, 2022
My dad an old LG G6 phone. Recently, he has purchased a new Poco M4 5G phone to replace his old one and I was assigned the task of transferring his data from the old phone to the new one. He was using a dot pattern for screen lock on his LG G6 device and he indeed used a pattern that involved traversing some dots more than once.

The problem took place as soon as I added his google account to his new phone and as soon as the account sync took place the screen lock pattern on his old G6 phone didn't accept patterns with multiple traversals of the same dot and as a result I cannot unlock his G6 anymore. BTW, USB debugging on his old phone is not enabled and I'm just stuck here unable to unlock his old phone and continue with data transfer. I know I can wipe his old phone using Google's "Find My Phone" feature but I need to access his local data before wiping it off.

Any suggestions?

BTW, it's a silly behavior that pattern lock settings like this are synced and shared across devices.
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Feb 6, 2017
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That's tough without pin or password/pattern working not going have much success getting in it, that's part of Android security to prevent theft or people getting your data