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Jan 27, 2014
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Information about the isai LGL22 sold in Japan


Product introduction
The ultimate design
isai LGL22 was created on a design concept of "gentle, tranquil flow and swirl of the surface of pure spring water". The "eternally flowing pure spring water" portrays the constant flow and distribution of fresh information. The spring water collects to the surface, creating a gentle flow and swirl, from which KDDI envisioned a plane where fresh, new information converge (="isai") and designed the ultimate "isai" expanse of every pure, ever-emerging information.

Slim frame design that balance portability and fashion
The slim frame design enables an extreme reduction of all elements other than the display. The full width of the body that houses the 5.2-inch display is 72 mm, which is a comfortable size for one-handed operations. The round form of the rear cover gives the isai model a natural grip.

Metal side frame
A metal frame encases the sides of the body, complementing the low-profile 9.1-mm thick body and showcasing both sharp lines and gradual curves. The bright silver and ebony black hairline finish perfects the body and accentuates the matte, classy design.

New information always on the Home screen*. New discoveries with every touch.

This moment in your hands - "isai screen"
The Home screen consists of a central display and four categories. Flick up or down on each category page to view information in chronological order. Users can enjoy current information of all sorts easily on the Home screen without launching any separate apps.

How-to-use video
isai LGL22 操作イメージ動画 - YouTube