LG K10 Power / LG M320TV suddenly has no connection to mobile networks.

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After regaining access to my data plan network earlier today, on my way to college via bus, everything was going well until I decided to turn off my phone's data access due to a particular area with poor reception.

When I decided to turn it on again, once I got to my destination, the phone simply refused to even let me turn on the "enable data" option.

After some research, most of the solutions I could find pointed to my phone's "radio", which is set to "off".

But that seems to be my problem: The main way I know to manually enable the radio is via the HiddenMenu function, but once dialing the code that brings it up (*#*#4636#*#*), and tapping on "Phone Information", I'm greeted with a message that says "This application does not work on this device".

What should I do?

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