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Self explanatory: the external speaker isn't working, no matter what I do. It worked fine two nights ago, then I overslept the next morning because my sound suddenly completely stopped. It works fine through headphones, but not externally. No music, no phone calls, no touch feedback system, nothing. This phone isn't even a year old and I really don't want to ditch it because it can't make a simple phone call properly. I've done everything I could find: restart the phone, take the battery out, tap on the speaker with the back off, etc, etc. The only thing I haven't done that was suggested was do a full factory reset, since I have way too much data on here I can't afford to lose. I already cleared out what I can of my data so it's not using too much MB, but it still isn't working. If anybody has a solution for this, it greatly appreciate it. Thank you.


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Feb 12, 2012
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Headphones plugged into the same jack? That would indicate that the speaker is shot.

The data, the amount of data, a factory restart - none of them have anything to do with it.