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Yesterday I was using my LG K20 Plus and then the battery ran out.
I charged up to 20% and then my battery ran out again.
I tried charging i again but it didn't charge for some reason.
I assumed it was a problem with the cable so I tried a bunch of chargers and nothing worked.
Then I tried cleaning out the lint in the port and still nothing worked.
My charging port is fine, there's no damage, So I don't see why this doesn't work.
I also tried different power outlets and also tried plugging it into a car or computer.
After hours of research I figured that my lithium battery was completely drained so I tried jump-starting it and then proceeded to buy a new battery to see if it worked and It didn't.
The phone turns on normally, its not on a boot-loop
It just wont charge.
Its also not water damage because I didn't expose it to any type of moisture.
Please Help me
I know the best options would be to buy a new phone or take it to get repaired but
1. I have a lot of important data saved in this phone and there's no backup options enabled.
2. Im too broke to buy a new one or take it to get repaired

Pleaseee help

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