LG optimus fuel (L34C) notification problem


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Nov 21, 2014
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I got this phone a few days ago and everything was working fine. Then yesterday I stopped getting notifications when the device goes into sleep mode I guess?

I'm not very tech savy so the best I can describe it is when the device's screen turns off after so long of inactivity.
Once I turn it back on, I usually get the notification. Sometimes it takes it a little bit to send or I end up having to turn the wifi off and back on after going into facebook messenger and it constantly saying connecting.
I tried various apps, heywire is having the same issue and it seems that hangouts is too. All the apps are fully updated.

I checked the keep wifi on always when in sleep mode and that is on. I tried restarting the phone and that didn't help. I tried to see if there was a software update from 4.4 and it didn't find any.

I don't have the phone actually activated yet through tracfone. I mainly wanted to use it as a cheap way to use wifi. Could that be an issue? I don't see how it could though.. I got it on the 18th so it's kind of a bummer to have this happen so early and have no clue why.

Please, any help will be greatly appreciated.