LG Optimus L9, 16GB SD card, link2sd, partitioning question


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Apr 26, 2011
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Have LG Optimus L9 T-mobile, android 4.1.2, rooted. Want to use link2sd in lieu of moving apps to SD, which can't be done anymore. I partitioned a 2GB SD card I had lying around using MiniToolPartition main partition primary, FAT, 1 GB; #2 partition also primary, ext2, 1 GB. This worked fine, my phone recognized and link2sd created a couple of successful links for me. I assume this means my phone recognizes and reads ext2 - is that correct? I just bought a 16GB SD card and want to make sure I don't mess it up. If I do same thing only FAT32 for 1st partition say 12GB, 2nd partition ext2 4 GB or whatever is left, should that work? I had a 32GB SD card that I tried everything under the sun on, and nothing worked, so I figured it had been formatted to death and was just no good for anything anymore. So I bought this new one.

I've read that you shouldn't make the 2nd partition larger than 1GB on cards larger than 4GB - anyone agree with that?
Should I just go with FAT32 for both partitions to start with?
I don't want to keep formatting this until it's ruined - I'd like to get it right the first time.

Thanks for advice friends. This is my first time with a rooted phone and/or partitioning an SD card. Phone was rooted for me, but I think I can do the card myself.:-\

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