LG Optimus vs. LG Nexus 4: Pros, Cons, and which is best for who.


Jul 14, 2011
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So I've been delving a lot into the whole LG Optimus versus getting a Nexus 4. For most its a no brained, because Tmobile doesn't have an Optimus, and Sprint and Verizon aren't compatible with the Nexus 4

So here are what I've found for a decision on AT&T:

LG Optimus G (AT&T)Pros:
*Expandable Storage
*Thinner Than the Nexus 4
*LTE Radio
*$100 Less on Contract than Nexes 4

LG Optimis G (AT&T) Cons:
*Locked Bootloader (Solved)
*Different Radio Firmware From International Variant (So You won't be able to flash just any Optimus G ROM you find)
*"G" User Interface (Could be a Pro, but more likely a con for most.)
*Slow Rollout of Updates
*No Notification Light
*Not Stock by Default
*Far More Expensive Unlocked

Nexus 4 Pros:
*Vanilla Android
*$299 Unlocked
*Notification Light
*Quickest Update
*Unlocked Bootloader by Default

Nexus 4 Cons:

*No Expandable Storage
*Minimal Storage Options
*Supposedly Slightly Lower Build Quality than Optimus G
*Heavier than Optimus G
**Only HSPA/HSPA 21-42mbps (LTE Hack Available, but is not compatible with AT&T's LTE Service which is Band 17, the Nexus 4 can only use Band 4, is that a coincidence?)

Final thoughts: If you are a developer or care about getting the newest update immediately, or just want to buy an unlocked device without the need for contract, then choose the Nexus 4.

If you have an upgrade for AT&T available and you need to have a great deal of storage and love LTE. Than I suggest the Optimis G

Hope this helps! :)

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