LG Reflect L555DL - How Turn Off Google Voice Typing

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---LG Reflect LG L555DL.ATRFTNH (Tracfone)
---The phone is currently useless because a person cannot text.
------How Does a person TURN OFF GOOGLE VOICE TYPING?????
---I have spent 3 hrs with 4 IT people (including Tracfone) trying to do this with no success. Also, we think that doing a complete reset is a 50/50 proposition and I'm not willing to throw away all the stuff I have on the phone.
---Googled and used YouTube this question and only found answers for a different model LG Reflect that had many setting choices that my phone has.
Thank you.

B. Diddy

Senior Ambassador
Mar 9, 2012
Welcome to Android Central! So when you try to bring up the keyboard, you only ever get a microphone prompt to dictate?

Go to Settings>Apps and look for the Gboard app (or whatever the stock keyboard app is on that phone). Is it Disabled? If so, make sure to Enable it.

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