LG Revolution Rooting Advice & Rom Suggestions?


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Aug 24, 2013
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Hey everyone, I'm needing some advice & suggestions for rooting the LG Revolution.
I am a newbie when it comes to rooting. Lol.
In a nutshell: I acquired this Revo from a house my family was renting out.
[It had a busted screen & no battery. Bought the entire front screen & digitizer assembly. new: $21. Extended battery & back cover, new: $10.]

Its up & running like brand new. I'm not looking to sell it, or use it for actual cell service [Even if I wanted to, I can't. Gotta love Straight-Talk. Lol.].
So, I figured I'd turn it into a "Tablet" of sorts.

What is the best/ easiest way to root my particular version [VS910ZV9]?

If I root, will I be able to remove all the Bloat-ware/ unwanted apps [Blockbuster, all the Verizon branded apps, etc. ]? Like, the factory installed ones that can never be removed normally?

Should I back up my particular version before rooting? Best way to do this if so?

What can i do to remove the cell phone portion of the software? Is there a custom Rom available that can recognize my hardware, but mimic a tablet [not offer the cell phone portion/ options]?
If not, what is a GREAT rom that is VERY compatible with this phone?

Like I stated above, not looking to actually use phone for service. Just wanting to use off of wifi as a tablet-esq device [Music, games, social media, etc].

Open to any thoughts/ suggestions/ advice. Thanks!

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