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[LG Stylo} how to get all my contacts and pictures and face book after factory reset


AC Question

i did afactory reset on my lg stylo phone and lost all my pictures and contacts and texts

B. Diddy

Senior Ambassador
Mar 9, 2012
Re: how to get all my contacts and pictures and face book after factory reset

Welcome to Android Central! Factory resets wipe the data from your phone--were you unaware of that before doing the reset?

Were the photos saved to Internal Storage, a microSD card, or backed up to a cloud storage like Google Photos? If they were saved to the microSD card, they should still be there. If it was Internal Storage, then they're gone. In the future, take advantage of Google Photos Auto Backup.

Similarly, if your contacts were only saved to the local Phone account, then they're gone, because this account doesn't sync anywhere automatically. Always save contacts to your Google account, which syncs automatically with your Google Contacts in the cloud.

Texts don't get saved anywhere unless you used an SMS backup app (there are a number of them in Google Play Store). You could ask your carrier if they have any of your recent texts still on their servers, but I doubt they can restore them.

What about Facebook are you looking for? You can always reinstall that app and log back into your Facebook account.