Lg V10 vs v20 as mostly a music player/lecture recorder


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Nov 24, 2012
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I've only recently gotten into using more FLAC files and hi-res audio.

I've been looking at better headphones and ways to improve the quality of my audio.

But my primary device is a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. So it has limitations.

I just got a pixel to replace it as my primary phone.

But I just saw some sales for Lg V10s for as low as $275.

I know the V10 has the hi-fi dac. I also know the LG v20 has better hardware and better microphones but it is a lot more expensive...but for mostly music playback...it the lg v10 a better buy at $275? Assuming its a good unit and not one with boot loops and other recent leg issues.

I had tried the axon 7 mini and axon 7. Both were just ok...the mini had some software bugs on my setup. I had foolishly purchased the axon 7 hi-end edition with the force touch screen and 6 gig of ram. It is also a nice phone, but the software was a bit off--and with the base axon 7 dropping to $350, it was harder to justify the higher price when the extra storage and system memory didn't really make a huge difference.

I feel if I drop more money on the lg v20 I'd have to use it as my primary phone to justify the cost....which defeats the purpose of the smooth software of the pixel....as well as having a dedicated music player.

HTC 10 I guess would also be a consideration...although would a stand alone dac be enough?
At any rate... any suggestions?


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Oct 13, 2014
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For $275 get the V10. The audio DAC is still excellent. And assuming the phone doesn't bootloop, you get an excellent all around phone at a fraction of the cost. As far as recording though the V20 is much better suited for that especially with the dedicated app which allows you to manually set different levels.
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