LG V20 Zerolemon Review!

Nick Cavanaugh

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Oct 31, 2016
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For people like me, who like to use their phone a lot for everything (work, communication, news, etc.), having a phone with long battery life is crucial. Sadly, more phone makers are making thinner phones instead of adding bigger batteries, leading to many dead smartphones. Fortunately, Zerolemon is there to save the day. Disclaimer: I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for an honest review. I am reviewing the LG V20 10,000mAh Extended Battery. Product Link: ZeroLemon » LG V20 Battery Case, ZeroLemon LG V20 10000mAh TriCell Extended Battery with Soft TPU Full Edge Protection Case [180 days ZeroLemon Warranty Guarantee] – Black This case is for the LG V20. This battery more than triples your phone’s battery life (standard battery: 3,000mAh, Zerolemon battery: 10,000mAh; 3.33 times the capacity). This allows light users to go up to 3 days without needing a charge and heavy users to go upwards of 2 full days with the phone surviving everything you throw at it (music, texting, navigation, YouTube, full brightness, productivity apps, gaming, etc.) I was pulling 14-15 hours of Screen On Time, with over 50 hours usage overall. Make no mistake: this makes your phone HUGE. The phone will become almost an inch thick, and considerably heavier. However, it is not unbearable; I have average to slightly above-average sized hands, and I even find it manageable to use with one hand, depending on what I’m doing (texting, browsing the web, scrolling social media is all fine one-handed). Gaming or watching videos, anything that requires landscape mode, will most likely require two hands to hold comfortably. However, anyone looking for an extended battery should assume that it makes your phone bigger, and know the tradeoff. I have grown quite accustomed to it and now I feel weird if I hold a phone that DOESN’T have a battery case on it.

There are 2 slight downsides with this case: first, the battery does not come with NFC. There are some external antenna stickers you can attach to the battery to give NFC capability, so it is not a huge issue. Second, the case feels a little lacking on protection. Other battery cases (ones that actually charge the phone, since no other brand of phones have removeable batteries) feature a more rugged, 3-piece design that protects the phone a lot more than the thinner TPU case that the V20 battery comes with. This isn’t a huge issue for me, since I never drop my phone (maybe it’s luck, or perhaps it’s the realization that I can’t afford to replace a broken $700 phone that makes me keep a death grip on it?); therefore, protection isn’t as big of a priority to me as extreme battery life.

Despite the minor flaws to this battery, I still rate it a solid and outstanding 10/10. I highly recommend this to any V20 owner that is looking for more battery life. Whether you like to go on camping trips, go traveling, aren’t near a charger all day, or just want a bigger battery that you can crank up to the max, the Zerolemon is the one for you!!


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May 30, 2013
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I've had about 6 ZeroLemon batteries with various phones, like LG Optimus G Pro, my old time favorite, LG V10 and also Samsung Note 4. In each case, it has not been a disappointed. I love the fact the phone is a little bigger, it's much easier to hold. Versus holding a phone the thickness of 3 credit cards. It's not exactly a brick.

10,000 mAh is nice!! You get 2 full days.

One warning though - you get *optimum* battery capacity for 6-8 months. After that, it slowly loses capacity. It remains usable for at least 2 years but a 2 year ZeroLemon will not have the same 10,000 mAh capacity as a new one -- and this is normal, it's normal behavior for all Li-Ion batteries!

think about your built-in battery that has diminished after 2 years and you cannot replace it. I usually but not one, but *two* ZeroLemon batteries and keep one as a spare with me when travelling. Or in the car. Or just rotate them and maximize their life.

You have to download this app to display voltage on your screen, because the percentage thing is just an DUMB gauge, not an exact approximation.
The app is called Voltage Notifier. It's excellent and simple.

Remember: A fully charged Li-ion, whether ZeroLemon or any other brand, is at 4.3V.

A full discharged battery dips below 3.3V. You want to recharge somewhere in the middle, because Li-IOn does not like deep discharged. I always charge around 3.7-3.8V. That's kind of 50%.

Voltage is the only thing that matters, just keep an eye on it and the first couple of times, fully discharge it down to 3.6V.

If they made a 12,000 mAh I would buy that or a 15,000 mAh. That would run for 3 days for sure.

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