LG Volt: Misc Questions About Amount Of Memory


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Jun 16, 2014
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I have an LG Volt through Virgin Mobile.

I have a LOT of podcasts ( *.MP3 ) on my phone. So much, that when I tried to put more on I got told there wasn't enough space. I want to put more on.

If I delete files on my phone, is there a trash folder I have to find and empty to free up space?

What are my options?

Would uninstalling some software help with space? I haven't put that much on myself, but the phone came loaded with all sorts of software I likely will never use.

Can I buy more memory and put it in the phone?

Is there an app that will display to me, graphically, how much space I have left, like the pie chart for diskspace in Windows?

Thanks much for any info

Have a good weekend

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Feb 23, 2011
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I'm not familiar with that specific phone, so I'll speak in generalities.

There isn't a "trash bin" like Windows has. Once you delete something, it's gone unless you have a recovery tool/app and the data hasn't already been written over. You can try uninstalling some of the unwanted factory apps, aka bloat ware, but often times the carrier and OEM have locked them so you can't unless rooted. Something else often overlooked is texts. If you haven't been deleting them regularly (or auto deleting if you have the option), they can take up a lot of space over time.

You can't install extra storage in the sense of a bigger HDD on a computer. All you can do is use a micro SD card if your phone has a slot for it. Not every phone has a slot, so you'll need to check that. If so, it'll likely accept up to 32-128 GB cards. If you have Kit Kat, Android made some changes that also limits the use of external SD cards. If you're using a podcasting app to download, it may be able to save to its own special location on the card. Otherwise, you'll have to use an OEM file manager or tether to a computer to save files to the card. Android no longer allows third party file managers to randomly save files to the SD card; a side effect of a security change but they can read info ok.

Too see your space available, there are some apps that do that, but you should be able to go into the phone's settings and find a storage option to view how much space is being used and the amount available.

Hope that helps.


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Feb 12, 2012
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The Volt does take an external SD card, so you can store all your mp3 files there, without deleting anything on the phone's internal storage. (Copy the files to th external card and make sure they play from there, then delete them from internal storage.) The specs say anything up to a 64GB SD card. Most cards should work, but a Class 10 card will be fast enough for video too. (My personal suggestion is to buy only SanDisk cards. They invented the technology, they make the chips in the cards and if there's a problem they're a very easy company to deal with. Wait until Black Friday if you're going to buy a card.

If the podcast app creates the folder on the SD card, it can store files it downloads in that folder. If you create the folder manually (with a file manager app), the podcast app can read what's there, but it may not be able to download to that folder. (That's the KitKat security change.)