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lg x charge storage issue

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is it possible to put apps on the sd card on my phone.im running out of phone space to install apps.if so,i cant figure out how to do it.thanks


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Feb 12, 2012
Those apps that can be, yes. (Most won't run from the SD card, so the developer turns off that capability.) And moving apps to the SD card doesn't save enough, on the whole phone, for one picture. (Apps are written - and moved - in pieces, and each piece that's moved leaves a lint to where it is on the card, in internal storage - since that's where Android looks for them.)

The solution to "my phone doesn't have enough storage" is "buy one that does", or convert the apps you don't use every day to apk files (Apk Extractor), store the files on the SD card and uninstall the apps. When you need one, install it (running the apk file installs the app), use it, then uninstall it.