LG4 Stylo "plugged in sound" issue

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Any ideas on how to fix the LG4Stylo beeping? I have my own tones set for calls and texts fyi. No problems showed up untill a couple weeks ago. This phone will start to beep (🔌 plugged in sound) randomly. Omfg is it annoying as all he11. Only way to stop it ive found is to power it down and restart. Can not wipe the phone out, its needed for work. I have not downloaded any new apps and if anything just a system update. Any ideas on whats up? Had this phone for a year now. Looking for answers not more questions. You know as much as i. No i did not mess with system settings. I did disable some app permissions and uninstalled some games but it still makes that beeping sound. Usually when screen is off, and then continues to beep when i turn the screen on to see why the h311 its beeping, and there is nothing open in background or in the notification bar.
I guess im hoping for a black and white solution. Or a system update to fix itself before this phone ends up in more than one piece in the ground next to the last phone i had. I expected a decent phone for more than half my paycheck. No apples, they are throw away phones.. =]