Lightning charger being read as regular charger?


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I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 that got some moisture in it, which I found out when I plugged in the lightning charger that came with the device. I did the standard things to get moisture removed: shaking it and gently rubbing a Q-tip against the mouth of the charging port. I then tried again to plug in my charger, and saw that my phone was then charging, but read the lightning charger as a standard charger, with an estimated hour or so to full charge. Does this mean that there is still moisture in my port? I am leaving my phone to sit for a couple hours to stay safe but I am not sure. Any answers would be greatly appreciated.


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Jan 17, 2016
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Water and electronics mixed seldom end well. The water may have shorted something in the port causing a sensor fail. Generally sticking the device in rice for a day or three should absorb moisture, but it takes a fraction of a second to fatally damage some chip or transistor. You are lucky the thing works at all...
In any case, maybe it will dry out in time and the fast charge function will work again, you never know your luck...