Like S5 but keeping Ipad


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Sep 28, 2014
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I am an S5 newbie, having switched from an Iphone 5. I am quite happy with the S5. I wanted to be freed from Itunes and be able to download items directly to the S5 without using an app. I am keeping the Ipad, rather than, say, getting a Samsung tablet, for two reasons. The Ipad has better speakers. I find Kies, as least with regard to the S5, clunkier than Itunes. I created a photo album on Kies. It did synch to the S5, but without retaining the name. To get the name right, I needed to create a folder on the external drive and transfer the photos to it. Itunes would have synched the folder and name. So my Ipad will be my portable photo storage device. But I have no regrets about switching from the Iphone to the S5 generally.


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Sep 16, 2014
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Enjoy. I really don't see a need to stick with one OS universe for everything especially when Android on a smartphone can be a completely different experience than Android on an LG tablet. I have never used Kies before (actually had to Google it) but I've never been a big fan of Samsung's software. I think they make great hardware but I don't like their software or all tweaks they do to Android (especially the color scheme changes).

I had an S5, iPad mini, MacBook Pro, and Surface Pro 2 for a little bit until I sold off my MacBook Pro and iPad mini. Now I have my S5, Surface Pro 2, and an 8" Asus VivoTab Note Windows 8.1 tablet. I don't really want to switch to Windows Phone despite me using two Windows tablets (though one is more like an ultrabook). I'm content with using Android on my smartphones and Windows for everything else. Who knows, I could always find just the right Android tablet. I had a Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 for a bit but returned it as I wasn't a fan of the battery life (8 hours max but more like 5-6), how hot it would get, and it was still running Android 4.3.3 without any sign from Samsung that it was going to be updated to 4.4 or even 5.0.

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