Live wallpaper getting restarted every time after Jelly Bean update


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May 28, 2010
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Well Verizon finally forced the Jelly Bean update to my phone. I had been avoiding it because it messed up my wife's SGIII to the point we had to have Verizon replace it.

In general things are more or less the same except for one extremely annoying thing with my live wallpaper. I use the Samsung "PhotoWall" live wallpaper with a custom set of photos and EVERY time I return to the home screen, the wallpaper is blank/black for 3 to 7 seconds. When I look at the RAM available on the device it shows anywhere from 800mb used/700mb free to 1.1gb used/500mb free. So I really can't understand why with that much free memory that ANYTHING is getting kicked out of memory, especially the wallpaper.

I've tested this with both the stock launcher and NOVA (my default launcher) and see no difference in the behavior. Other live wallpapers seem to stay in memory or at least load fast enough that by the time the home screen displays so I don't notice the lag. I have also tried changing the background process limit from the default of "standard number of process" (what is the standard number anyway?) and this also seems to make no difference. I have also tried changing the NOVA "Aggressive Desktop" setting and this also doesn't seem to make a difference.

At the moment I am not rooted and would prefer to avoid rooting until the warranty lapses but will do so if someone has a guaranteed fix for this. I also really like how this wallpaper shows a running slideshow of a set of photos I have picked. I've tried other types where the pictures float across the screen and prefer the way Samsung has done it so I'd really like to fix this issue rather than have to change the live wallpaper.

Has anyone else seen this issue? Is it Jelly Bean or a change in the way this Live Wallpaper is coded? Is there a solution?