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Nov 14, 2011
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This Live Wallpaper displays photos downloaded from popular photography sites: 500px, Instagram and Panoramio. You can also use your local albums.

Photos can be displayed in following ways:
■ Multipicture - different photo for every screen
■ Collage - several photos arranged in a collage
■ Classic - one photo across all screens

Photos can be selected by several criteria:
■ 500px categories
■ User tags
■ Current weather at your location
■ Color
■ Panoramio
■ Instagram
■ Local albums

There are many customization options for each selection.

If you leave double tap enabled you have a quick way to access preferences, immediately change photos and view or share the photo that you tapped.

Play Store: https://forums.androidcentral.com/e.../details?id=com.cloudwalk.lwwp&token=xjpYzK1R



May 16, 2011
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This is PERFECT! I've always wanted to have nice wallpapers but never wanted to lift a finger to do it. Now this app does it for me, and changes it at an interval!

Does it pull wallpapers even when in 3G? Is there a setting to only pull wallpapers when on WiFi?

Also, would love to be able to share to original link from 500px when sharing a photo, instead of an image file as though I created the photo.

Performance is a bit laggy considering the wallpapers are static and not moving. Performance issues?
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