Loading Watch Faces - Different Sources / FIle Types / What Works w/ Watch Styler??


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Jan 12, 2011
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OK, so I have various watch faces I load on my original Gear...I used the original Watch Styler to load them from .ZIP files I would download on the web.

I VERY much want to do that on my new Gear S that came today. There is a lot of confusion around this, and that I am used to how the Non-Tizen Gear 1 worked is not helping me get it with the new Gear S.

Things I have noticed:

-There are various types of watches that have been posted on sites like Gearfaces.com Originally there were .ZIP files that contained folders something like this:
Folder = images
Folder = texts
file= theme.json

and then sometimes there was a preview.png file

I was able to load them on my Gear 1 this way: (taken from a help file inside one of the zip files I used to use):

*** Installing the DigitronicMkII theme ***
- On your phone open Watch Styler and create a random new theme with title: DigitronicMkII
- Save the theme but don't apply it to Gear yet.
- Close Watch Styler.
- Connect your phone to your computer.
- Open the folder: Phone\Android\data\com.omnitel.appcessory.gear.watchstyler.manager\theme\
- Delete the just created folder DigitronicMkII and its contents.

- From the downloaded ZIP open the folder: DigitronicMkII_theme\
- From there copy the folder DigitronicMkII to Phone\Android\data\com.omnitel.appcessory.gear.watchstyler.manager\theme\

You have now replaced the random created theme with the downloaded theme.

- On your phone open the Gear Manager app and select Clocks
- Find the WatchStyler preset and touch the gear behind it.
- Select the new theme and enjoy!​

Now that I coughed up for a Gear S, I want to be able to load some good looking watch faces on the Gear S of course.

But when I look at GearFaces.com and elsewhere, there seem to be various kinds of files available here as ".wstheme" files
Apparently these are referred to as WS/MW files....????
Looks to be one files with all that is needed...very cool ...but can we use it on the Gear S...? How?

There also are "TIZEN WGT" files available here (Click on one and save it to see the file type, these are
".wgt" files and many include readme.txt files specifying their functionality.

Confused yet??

So all the methods I have tried to load these files in Watch Styler for the Gear S have not worked.

I see GearFaces have a HOW TO section

Looks like that addresses how to use the .WGT files may be? Not sure if I want to try that method on my new Gear S? Any others tried?

Anyway.....I am kind of bummed initially here as I thought I could easily use all the many .Wstheme files I was gathering up and put them on my Gear S?? Anyone? Bueller??

Thanks for any help (Note that I am not asking for help in changing a basic watch that came with by changing a color or something and saving it back...I want to use some of the cool looking watches out there on Gearfaces.com

Little help?


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Jan 12, 2011
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I tried the SDB instructions from the site but no joy...I don;t see a watch/clock with WatchStyler to load still.


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Jan 12, 2011
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OK< so I got an email reply from Martin at Gearfaces.com....he notes that he has now separated the watchfaces into a section for Gear S....there aren't nearly as many, but they're there. They are .owsc files. They do LOAD into Watchstyler for me on Note 4, but 'preview' doesn;t work. APPLY seems to apply it but when you go to the Gear S and set Clock Style on Watchstyler, it just shows small times and tells you to make a theme.

I am hoping we can make progress towards getting these working in Gear S....any hints or tips appreciated.

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