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Lock screen and other functions acting up after installing 6.01 on Turbo 2 fix?


AC Question

My Turbo 2's been acting up. The lock screen lags behind severely, and takes a good 20 seconds of coaxing to bring up my pattern unlock, and that is also lagging behind. Once unlocked, it still has some problems such as swiping down to bring up that menu, and tapping any of the menu buttons at the bottom of the screen also causes the phone to freeze. Also, it will occasionally while on it will randomly go back to the lock screen with nothing loaded, such as the time or notifications, just showing the background for a while, until it allows me to unlock it again.

the tall guy

Q&A Team
Sep 23, 2013
Hi, probably best at this stage to perform a factory reset on the device to freshen it up. This should help with any issues your having after the update.

P.s. make sure you back everything up prior to the reset.

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