Locked out of Galaxy S6, fingerprint, Google ID/password not working. What can I do?


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Locked out of Galaxy s6, fingerprint, Google I'd/password not working,

I know the Google info, but the phone is not accepting fingerprint or Google info... Locked out!!!


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Apr 25, 2014
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I had a massive issue with this locking me out last year. I didn't recognise any of my fingerprints, I couldn't remember my password, I couldn't remember my PIN. I logged in with google account and set a simple PIN. Went to put in the simple PIN which I use for everything and I was locked out again! Struggled with it for hours as I could get calls but couldn't make any. Got home tried to unlock the phone with my Samsung account. It couldn't find me. Tried to use Android Manager and that for some reason wasn't working that night! I did manage to wipe my phone the next morning but since then I have no passwords on my phone. I am too scared of giving finger print access or using any password or pin in case this happens again. I am currently waiting for the S7 to drop and I will use my fingerprints to access the phone but I'm still scared if this happens again!