Locked out of my Note 5, how can I get in?


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Locked out of my Note 5

i have not been able to acces my phone for more than 72 hours. i did not know about this new security update. so i master reseted my phone but before i had deleted the google account on it because i was planning to make a new one. so when the phone turned back on it asked for that account but it doesnt exist. anyway i recovered the account back but since it was deleted from the phone before the reset now i cant access the phone completely. pease help me i been without phone for almost 4 days.

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Mar 9, 2012
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Re: Locked out of my Note 5

Welcome to Android Central! Sorry, I'm a bit confused--are you saying you completely deleted the original Google account from the actual Google website before you did the factory reset? In order to do an authorized factory reset, all you have to do is remove the Google account from the phone, not from Google itself.

If you actually deleted your entire Google account, then you also lost all of the data that was associated with that account (like your Gmail, Google Contacts, Google Calendar events, etc.). Did you intend to do that?