Lollipop app switcher behaves differently than kit kit


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Mar 21, 2013
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So today I was messing around with my nexus 5 on lollipop And my nexus 7 which is still on kit kat when I noticed a difference in the way the recents page works.. I noticed there were wayyyyy more tabs open in lollipop.
A tab also for almost every little thing I go Into. For example I got on my nexus 7 still on kit kat went into play movies then pulled out the hamburger menu and hit shop. In the recent page it showed one tab, just for play movies.. When I did the same steps on lollipop it opened a page for play movies as well as the play store for when I had hit the shop button.. Lollipop also showed a page for my messaging app textra and a completely new page for textra settings from when I just wanted to change some settings.. I find this super annoying.. Especially for textra example it should be combined to one page like it is showed on kit kat.. This results in way too many tabs to manage when combined with all my other apps that are open that sometimes do the same things.


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May 9, 2011
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This can be a good thing, like being able to consult and interact with Gmail's entire list of messages and switch back and forth between a card you're composing a message in.

WebOS evolved to stack cards. This is probably going to be the same evolution in some shape or format in Android. If an email spawned a Web page, WebOS would stack that card on top of the email card.

Wow. Look how much Lollipop resembles WebOS 2.0 from 2010...