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Lollipop - Google Now Launcher - Notification Badges


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Sep 29, 2012
Hi all. I just got a Nexus 9 tablet running Lollipop and the stock Google Now Launcher. In the past I have always used Nova but I really like the stock Google Now experience on the Nexus 9 - mainly I love being able to swipe left to the Google Now page, and I like that the search bar at the top of the screen actually lets me type right there vs. launching a search app with Nova. (Yes I know I could set up a swipe shortcut through Nova...I guess my main hangup is the search bar described above).

The only thing the Google Now Launcher is missing (for me at least) is notification badges. Has there been any word if Google will be adding them in an update? Or better yet, is there a standalone app I can use to get them without defaulting back to Nova & TelsaUnread?



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Jul 26, 2012
What is a notification badge?

The little numbers next to an icon showing unread items. Not sure if GNL is going to support them, but it'd be a cool feature to add.

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