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Lollipop lock screen help!


Dec 14, 2012
Is there any way to remove the swipe from left to right pulling up the dialer? I just pocket dialed today for the first time, ever :-(
I don't really want to have to enter a pin, or a pattern, or anything like that. Ideally, I'd like to just remove that option from the lock screen.
I've done some searching and can't find an answer, but I'm hoping that one of the amazing people here can point me in the right direction :)


Well-known member
Jan 18, 2013
Pretty sure there is nothing you can do about this. Maybe it's time to consider the benefits of a pin or pattern lock. I, meanwhile, am trying to get in the habit of swiping up vertically instead of my instinctive left to right.
Aug 24, 2014
You better put a pin or a pattern lock... And then u can use the new face unlock feature so when u pick up the phone n try to unlock, it will recognize ur face n wont ask a pattern to u n u can normally inlock ur phone.. Whereas if someone else tries to unlock ur phone he will have to enter the pin or pattern... Its a nifty little feature added in lollipop n believe me the face unlock works better than in kitkat

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