Lollipop, Lollipop, Oh Lolli-Lolli-Lolli LOLLIPOP!!! (Installation Guide Help)


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Aug 17, 2013
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ba doom doom doom....
In my honest opinion...5.01 is good to go on N7 2013. Everything works as it should, no lag, excellent batt life. Don't let everyone's negative comments deter you from installing, just go for it!!! Keep in mind there are things you can do before installing to make sure things go smooth...this is what I do...
1. Uninstall all unneccessary apps that you dont need before installing (Less is more people)
2. I uninstall all apps that have no saved data that I need to keep and I just reinstall them after updating (easy peasy)
3. Shut down tab and restart into recovery and clear system cache before updating...
4. Restart tab and let it fully boot up for a couple minutes and DONT open any apps... Now download OTA and install. Leave tab alone and let it do its thing...takes a good 1/2 hour or more to complete...just leave it alone until its finished
5. When tab is fully loaded and running, go into play store and check for app updates and install...(Dont reinstall apps you deleted YET...)
6. Shut off tab and reboot again...Let the tab settle for a few min...then shut down again and reboot into recovery and clear system cache again.
7. Restart and when up, now you can reinstall any apps you deleted earlier...then shut down and restart tab again...
8. When up and running, and EVERYTHING is reinstalled, and settings are are where you like them, then one last time...shut down, reboot into recovery and clear system cache one last time...ENJOY!!!

Remember, this is what I do, so it isnt neccessary, but I found that I've never had any problems on ANY of my devices doing things this way...and i have a ton...(N7 2012, N7 2013, Sam Tab Pro 8.4, Nexus 9, Droid Maxx, Droid Turbo, Moto X 2013, Nexus 6 (coming soon), and even some of that red fruit CRAP...Ipad mini, Ipod touch, Iphone 6...)

Remember, 90 % of all problems are related to a crappy install or incompatable apps, not the OS...
If an app doesnt work on Lollipop, its not Lollipops fault, its the apps developer...and most likely will be updated soon to work properly. Give them time...And any bugs in Lollipop (I have not found any yet) will be fixed by google, and Lollipop will keep getting even better...
So just install it already and enjoy your new
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