Lollipop OnePlusOne - Detecting spyware


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Lolipop oneplusone - Detecting spyware

I am really paranoid about my phone. From what I know I have no root set on it but you can guide me for couple of checks, I'm suspecting a RAT software installed from my former workmates or whoever. I have a set of questions if I can please its important:

1.Does typical android spyware can hack into win10 through usb cable and there disable windows security? Is usb tethering generally safe?
2.Does upgrade to lolipop from previous version eradicate any spyware there was before?
3.Does android spyware reside mainly in malicious apps or the most dangerous comes from nfc bluetooth and usb?
4.Does the developer setting seriosly compromise android security?
5.One guy transferred to me a photo through nfc, where should I look for the system if also some spyware was transferred?
6.How to track the origin of the attack? Should I sent the phone to some forensics company to provide evidence to the court?
7.Can your recommend some monitoring tools or literature on this topic? I mean detecting serious RAT stuff, not an just app that collects your email.
8.Are the anti-virus apps like cm security basically a placebo or worth anything? CM Security once all of the sudden detected a trojan while I was connected to a wifi, are there some fake CM signals?
9.Can the system be hacked through lte or rather just nfc, wifi,bluetooth?
10.Is lolipop still vulnerable to shellshock? CM security warned me about shellshock, can CM security really secure android from that kind of attack?

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May 23, 2010
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Re: Lolipop oneplusone - Detecting spyware

It could be possible that a virus was transferred from the phone to PC. I would suggest a factory reset of your phone and scanning your computer to make sure any/all virus' are removed from the computer.


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Dec 4, 2012
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Re: Lolipop oneplusone - Detecting spyware

For the most part, srkmagnus is correct. Anything is always possible, but in this case, highly unlikely.

As for your questions:
1. The OS are two different things. A virus can operate normally in Windows, but not necessarily Android. Android can possibly be a carrier, but as far as I know, that would be quite elaborate.
1b. Tethering as in just connecting to your PC or having your phone be an internet connection for your PC to use?
2. By itself, no. A reset would most likely need to be done, and recommended anyway for upgrading from say, 4.4.4 to 5.x+
3. Mainly apps, and those loaded from shady sites/app stores. If you stick to Google Play or Amazon, you should be fine. As for viruses and Bluetooth/NFC, I am not so sure that anything will have a good chance of transferring, considering you have to authorize a BT/NFC transfer.
4. I am not inclined to believe so.
5 and 6. Unknown
7. Check these out:
Android Security — a Q&A with Google's Adrian Ludwig | Android Central
Five basic steps for protecting your Android device from viruses | Android Central
8. I wouldn't suggest CM for anything. If you want something like an anti virus app for your device, go with Avast, or AVG.
9. Again, technically, anything is possible, but I am inclined to think this is highly unlikely.
10. I don't think BASH (Bourne Again SHell) is incorporated into Android devices that aren't at least rooted.
I found this:
'Does that mean that the devices are vulnerable to attacks exploiting the Shellshock bug? Not quite. For an attack to be successful, two conditions must be met:

  1. 1) The target must embed a vulnerable version of Bash
  2. 2) There must be a way to remotely set environment variables on the target'
Overall, I think you are over analyzing the situation. To reiterate, you can follow srkmagnus post, reset your device, and that should remove anything that compromises your device. If you haven't rooted, or messed with any of the security settings, I see no reason you should need to worry about this.

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